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About Jan : Our Editor

Writing has always been one of my big passions, so editing Amia is a dream come true! I have a passion for keeping the spirit of writing alive. I have worked in learning and development for over 20 years, running events and coaching people through various work and personal challenges. I am interested in what makes other people tick and how we can make the most of our unique talents. I hope that Amia will become a place you can visit whenever you want some new ideas or inspiration.

I believe in creating a sense of community in an increasingly challenging world. Like many of you, I am used to juggling the various demands of life and I enjoy getting involved in different things. This magazine aims to reflect a wide variety of interests and we really want to hear about yours too! My passions in life include cooking, travelling, writing and meeting up with my lovely group of friends and family. I have been lucky enough to visit some great places. One of my lifetime aims is to see as many sunrises in as many places as I can! To date, my favourite sunrise location is Cocoa Beach in Florida. We'd love to hear your favourite places/sunrise locations too!

My family and friends are a constant source of inspiration to me. I've known many of my closest friends for well over 20 years and believe that friendship (like wine) gets better and better with age! The biggest inspiration on my life has been my Mum, who died a few years ago. She provided the initial roots for this magazine - with her lifelong mixture of caring, sense of fun, willingness to keep trying new things and her belief that life really is too short not to make the most of it - just like our magazine's motto!

Our Contributor Panel

Every month, various guests contribute to our wide range of articles. In addition, our Contributor Panel will share their thoughts, ideas and articles on the subjects they are most passionate about. As you'd expect from Amia, our panel consists of people of all ages, interests, backgrounds and cultures:

Anna Mason

I have a degree in sports science and have spent 23 years as a personal fitness trainer where I noticed the greatest lack of information was about food.  As soon as my children were old enough for me to grow a 'proper' business, I followed my passion to educate people in the art of healthy eating. Nothing faddy, but information and education that would last individuals a lifetime - and make a serious positive impact into their health and wellbeing.

Clare Birchall

I live in Stone, a small village just outside of Berkeley, Gloucestershire with my husband John and two lively, energetic and totally gorgeous children, Robyn who is 7 and Jamie who is 5. I have a background in training, development and coaching. I currently have two part time jobs; one as a Training Administrator and the other as a Playworker. I am also currently studying towards a degree in Psychology. I love spending time with my family and friends; enjoy visiting new places and sampling different food (and wine!) and gain so much pleasure from seeing my children experiencing life and developing into happy, confident young people.

Claire Bush

Following a corporate career in Human Resources and Organisational Development, I started my own consultancy business over 15 years ago, where I specialise in coaching highly motivated people who are seeking to make a positive change. People development is a real passion for me and I enjoy enabling people to find a new perspective, helping them to approach difficult situations in a new way; increase their confidence and create better, more productive relationships. Outside work, I am an avid reader and enjoy going to the theatre and the cinema as well as running, cycling and Pilates.

Erin Baker

I was born and bred in a small rural town in New Hampshire USA. Coming from a family of home cooks, I learned early on the importance of good food. A professionally trained chef, I have worked in a variety of settings, including as head chef and owner of an award winning vegan restaurant in California and head chef of Woodruff's Organic Cafe in Stroud. I have been teaching cookery for over 10 years, specialising in whole foods based cuisine - using world flavours and seasonal ingredients. I now run Natural Cookery School, a mobile vegetarian cookery school offering cookery classes, catering, cookery parties and vintage tea parties.

Eve Lofty

I live in Ashby de la Zouch. Outwardly I am 77 but inside I stuck at about 60! I am lucky to have friends of all ages and many interests. My working life was spent teaching Maths and Computing and since retiring (aged 64) I have still enjoyed coaching the children of friends and neighbours. I am a keen gardener and find it particularly relaxing. I also love dressmaking, sewing and cross stitch. I am very interested in machines and engines and I run the website for the JZR kit car. My family is a very important aspect of my life. Time has furnished me with four children and their partners, plus seven grandchildren and their partners. Quite a family and all much valued.

Kathryn Miller                                  

I'm very fortunate to be living out my childhood dream of being in Cornwall whilst having a strong foothold in London  -  I live on a small farm holding not far from Falmouth with a few sheep, chickens and cows.  I have three lovely children who keep me on my toes and challenge my knowledge! I've worked as a HR Director/Consultant for over 20 years - nothing gives me more pleasure then seeing someone blossom in confidence and competence.  I love learning and am fascinated by new research, especially within neuroscience and psychology.

Kiran Shankar

I am currently studying Law and Criminology at Kingston University which I love. In the future, I hope to pursue a career as a solicitor or in teaching. In my spare time, I like spending time with my friends. I enjoy trying new foods and going to some of the clubs in Kingston. I should probably state that I also do study very hard for my degree - rather than just going out! I enjoy helping out with the production of the magazine, as I love writing and I am looking forward to seeing the magazine develop and grow.


Lorraine Dallmeier

I am a Botanical Skincare Scientist and a Biologist. I teach others how to make natural and organic skincare through my online school Formula Botanica. I also run my botanical skincare eZine Herb & Hedgerow and teach others how to make DIY beauty recipes. I live at my cottage on the south coast of Dorset with my partner and our two sons.

Paula Luke

I am a marketing consultant with a passion for social content marketing and the written word. I work with companies, large and small, developing marketing strategies for success in an era of online business growth. When out of the office I may be found on stage performing with semi-professional theatre groups, sometimes tap dancing and often reading!


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