The Colours of Christmas

By colour expert Jules Standish

When you think of Christmas, do you automatically associate the colour red with Santa Claus and green with holly and ivy? It's amazing how colours can influence us subconsciously throughout our lives, with us often being totally unaware of the powers their qualities have.  Not only do they strongly play a part in our surroundings and in nature but they can also affect us positively - in an emotional and physical way.

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The festive period can be full of great parties, and celebrations - but can also be a time of immense stress.  All those social events can take their toll on your energy levels and you might be unfortunate and succumb to a winter "lurgy" too.  Not only are there presents to buy, but when Christmas finally arrives there are also relatives to host and look after, friends to be entertained, food that has to be planned and then the big lunch to cook!

Consciously choosing to wear certain colours during the Christmas period can help support you emotionally through the stressful bits, as well as making you look fabulous at all those parties and social events!  Here are some of my top colour tips to see you through the Christmas season:

Red is the colour most often associated with Christmas. Uplifting, jolly and festive, it is sure to lift the spirits. St Nicholas, who later became Santa Claus, always wore red as it was his favourite colour. Red is also an eye-catching and dynamic colour - so if you want to get noticed at a party, then wear it in abundance!  Red will physically give you a boost too, as it releases the hormone adrenaline, and will give you lots of energy. However, avoid too much red on Christmas Day if you have any problems with family members- as it can encourage unnecessary confrontation!

Photo courtesy of ShutterstockGreen has been associated for centuries as a Christmas colour in the form of holly, ivy and mistletoe- and of course the Christmas tree. These decorations from nature instantly brighten up the interior of the home and remind you that spring is around the corner. If you are feeling run down or fighting off bugs, choose to wear green as the natural balancer. This is a great colour to keep you feeling fit and well over this busy period, as it helps to strengthen the immune system.  Green is also the best colour to wear up against your face, if you suffer from "blushing" or "flushing" after a few drinks - as it will tone down red and pink cheeks!

Photo courtesy of ShutterstockBlue has always been associated in the Christian church with Mary - so an influential colour at Christmas time. If your stress levels are running high this Christmas, try wearing some calming blue. This cool colour releases oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes the nervous system.  Bring some peace into this hectic period by wearing shades of blue that suit you - particularly on Christmas Day itself as this will enhance all forms of communication with whoever you choose to spend the day with.  Cobalt is a hot fashion favourite currently and can be found in most high street stores.  

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to keep the peace this Christmas, with relatives that don't get on, unresolved issues that surface or emotions running high.  If this is the case then purple should be your colour of choice. It is a harmonious colour and will help to keep atmospheres calm.  Wearing purple will help you to get in touch with the unconditionally loving side of your nature, as it encourages compassion at all levels. It is also one of those colours that really tends to suit all colourings.

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What if you need to feel really confident at all those festive events?  If that is your aim, then orange is the best colour for you!  It is joyous and sociable and helps to liberate emotions and disperse fears, as well as helping with tiredness and depression.  It will instil a feeling of positivity, spontaneity and adventure, helping you to look on the bright side of things, even if you are going through tough times. In the words of the great late Frank Sinatra, "Orange is the happiest colour".

For spreading the love over Christmas, then choose pink - it's feminine to wear and is the colour of romance, so a perfect choice for those of you wanting to share all those positive vibes with your loved ones.  It is a compassionate and loving colour and will help you to let go of the past and live in the present this Christmas.  Wearing pink will allow you to get in touch with your powerful, caring and loving inner woman. 

Whatever your life demands of you this December, and whatever you wear, find those colours that make you radiate with health and well-being, knowing that you look great and feel fabulously festive!

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