Welcome to our April edition! What's new this month?

We think you will be as moved as we were by the "Brave and Beautiful" award winners - we were proud to support these awards, which were established by Sam Holman from Holsam Life Coaching in Bristol. Introduced to recognise women who have touched the lives of others, this was a chance for people to send a formal "thank-you" to such women. The five finalists have their stories throughout this edition - it was tough to pick a winner, but the judges selected Helen Sanders - you can find her inspirational account, "Shoot for the Moon" , in our Life section.

In this month's Health section, Anna Mason, our nutrition expert shares some tips on tackling cravings. Simple ways to tackle those food cravings that can creep up on us all! We love Anna's practical and positive approach. Anna also shares some healthy recipes with us in "Zingy Spring Recipes". In addition, Kassi Marshall, another of our Brave and Beautiful winners, talks to us about endometriosis and why she wants every woman to know more about it.

In our Career section, we provide practical tips on how to face those challenging conversations that we can all face from time to time. We also continue or series of features on stopping the "Time Thief" - wouldn't it be great if could all conjure up a few extra hours every so often! Another Brave and Beautiful finalist, Jane Duffus, tells us why comedy plays such a big part in her life and about her work in getting a dedicated platform for female comedy acts off the ground.

In this month's Life section, you can read two more of the "Brave and Beautiful" finalist's stories - Helen Sanders (the overall winner) shares the poignant account of living with her son's cancer and how it has impacted on her approach to life. Another finalist, Lucy Ball, tells us all about tackling those mood hoovers - you'll need to read her story for more information! We also loved the chance to interview presenter and natural living expert, Janey Lee Grace. You can find her practical tips in "My Life - An Interview with Janey Lee Grace."

In this month's Younique section, we feature a range of beautiful spring dresses - from our favourite UK designers and retailers. We have matched each of these with a lovely bag from UK designers Peony and Moore - we hope you find a personal favourite amongst them! We also share some tips on making the most of those Wardrobe Favourites- we all have them! In addition, we share some of Pascale Labelle's tips for Spring Skin Treats. We could all do with those at this time of year!

Other features include more of Erin Baker's lovely recipes in our Recipe Corner, stories about Mother's Day, a trip to Peru, a review of the "Texas - 25 album"and Emma's light-hearted look at springtime in Then and Now. We love the sound of Bee's favourite coffee-time treats in "Anyone for Coffee" - I definitely want to try those ginger biscuits! This month's Spotlight section features the last of the "Brave and Beautiful" award winners - Nikki Carter tells us all about the holistic treatment centre she has set up near Bristol.  We think there really is something for everyone in this edition - enjoy!!


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