The inspirational Adriana Carlucci from Ancienne Ambiance shares some of her favourite fragrances and tips to awaken your senses for summer.....

The sun shines brighter, the sky is blue and flowers are blooming! Summer is when everything feels so fresh and alive and it's the perfect time to really enjoy the many wonderful fragrances around us.

So much about summer, I believe, is enhanced by our senses -and our sense of smell in particular- since it has the power to conjure up all sorts of magical memories and feelings.

There are so many ways to connect to this wonderful season through the power of fragrance - from home scenting and body-care products to perfumes and ingredients found in your kitchen. It doesn't have to be just with a beautiful bunch of summer flowers.

Summer has the power to make us feel invigorated......

Imperium candle Photo courtesy of Ancienne Ambiance

Scented candles aren't just for burning during the winter months! They are great for enhancing the ambience for summer parties/gatherings and gifting to hosts all year round. Light an Imperium candle for a crisp and invigorating sensory experience. A blend of laurel and rosemary, Imperium (inspired by the Latin for 'supreme power') is a marriage of aromatic evergreen herbs with dry woody notes. Laurel was the emblem of victory, while rosemary symbolised loyalty and remembrance in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Thoroughly delicious and full of fragrance (which lasts the whole way through) each candle is hand-poured in the UK, using a slow burning natural wax blend and lead-free wicks.

Wanting to relax after a busy week?

Jasminum Salts Photo courtesy of Ancienne Ambiance

Pamper your inner God or Goddess with a natural blend of Epsom salt, Mediterranean sea-salt and Jasmine essential oil. These wonderful salts can be used in the bath, as a foot soak and even as a body scrub. Much more than just sweetly fragranced - they help to uplift you from low moments and are ideal for relaxing spasms and cramps, as well as muscle pains.

If you suffer from rough or hard skin on your feet, a foot soak with these salts will help break down and soften hard skin naturally. Soak once a week in warm water for 10-15 minutes. 


Summer is the season to feel optimistic and positive....

Like many women, I love to spray my body and hair with many different perfumes to smell nice all year round. I tend to wear heavier scents in autumn, but summer is the perfect time to change things up and wear lighter formulations that make you feel fresh. That's why we've chosen this time of year to debut our three 100ml unisex fragrances. We'll be unveiling beautiful new floral, citrus and evergreen blends... unlike any others you can find in niche perfumery. It is a really exciting moment for Ancienne Ambiance.

Summer is a sensual season too....

Lavendula Oil  Photo courtesy of Ancienne Ambiance

Will bath-time bliss help release all the stresses of those busy days?  Quite possibly, with the powerful aromatic fragrance of lavender - a truly sensual experience. Lavendula Oil is full of benefits, abundant with herbaceous low notes and beautifully floral high notes. Apply it to your bath and then massage it all over your body, post soak.

Suitable for all skin types, Lavendula Oil is highly relaxing and particularly soothing for dry skin. It helps ease muscle pain, soothe headaches, tension/stress and can also help to improve sleep quality and concentration. Made with the finest Lavender, Jojoba and Sweet Almond oils for a beautiful texture, it applies to the skin easily and enriches the skin when used for massage.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock


Sea air to lift your spirits...

There is nothing like a stroll along the beach, or to be beside the sea and breathing in the fresh salty air.  If you aren't able to take a trip abroad this year, make time to visit any coastal town in the UK to enjoy this experience. Instant mood enhancer!



Photo courtesy of ShutterstockAfter all that sunshine, it is also about remembering to heal and restore our senses too...

Treat your mind and body to some tender loving care, by restoring and healing your system.  Add some fresh mint leaves, sliced lemon or cucumber to cold or warm water.  They all have subtle, fresh and light fragrances and are full of goodness. It's a lovely way to gently flavour the water you drink every day.

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