Welcome to our April Edition!

Amia is an exciting online monthly magazine for women of all ages and backgrounds. Full of positive, high quality articles on issues which really matter. If you register, you'll obtain a 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL of the whole magazine, and be able to take part in competitions and special offers. For a subscription of just £2 per month, you'll be able to access the full magazine for a year! With fresh, new features every month, you won't want to miss it - why not register today?

This month, we talk to Guide Dogs and hear some astounding stories about the invaluable role their dogs play. We hear lifestyle, baking, design, fashion and sustainable style stories from as far afield as Australia, Belgium and Japan.

This month's career tips include advice on handling conflict, employment law and visualising success. In You and Your Life, we talk to the Pugh family about giving up supermarket shopping and share Bee's baking challenges for 2013 - so good you'll definitely want to eat them!

Tips on maintaining a healthy weight, fact-finding on depression and the inspiration for a beautiful range of skin-care products add to the mix. Plus lots of "extras" this month too! Enjoy!

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