Welcome to our New Year 2013 Edition!

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This month we interview Dr Spiezia on tips and advice for healthy and natural skincare. We talk to Angel Sinclair about her Models of Diversity campaign, which encourages the use of a wider range of models to reflect the population and to celebrate differences. We also talk to the Blurt Foundation about their inspirational work in mentoring people with depression and in presenting new ways of looking at this vital topic. We share one woman's perspective on being a primary school teacher and career tips on planning, plus the 80:20 Principle. Health-wise, we look at the New Year benefits of a "boot camp." In addition, we share style tips on "swishing" and wearing black. That's just a small sample of what we have inside this month's edition! Enjoy!

Packed with lots more articles and interviews with truly inspirational people!

Jan Shankar (Editor)

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