Welcome to our May Edition!

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This month, we feature more inspirational stories from The Brooke-including women in India, Pakistan and Ethiopia who have shown incredible resourcefulness in the toughest situations. We talk to Adriana Carlucci who explains the evocative story behind ethical, luxury beauty and candle brand, Ancienne Ambiance. We share Alana Sellers' ethical style tips - they will help you to look at your own wardrobe in a whole new way! 

This month's career tips include how to avoid the "superwoman" trap, more advice on handling conflict and an example of starting a business. Our tips on natural health, maintaining a balanced diet and giving youself a break from day-to-day stresses can be found in You and Your Health.

All this, plus our inspirational Woman of the Month, Claire Lewis, who illustrates just how much impact one person can have on inspiring people to care about the environment. All these features, plus lots more inside too!  Enjoy!

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