We are delighted to announce the launch of our Easter edition, packed with a wide range of articles on career issues, health and wellbeing, style and lifestyle. Another busy month, getting out and about and hearing so many great stories. We hope you'll love reading the inspirational stories this month as much as we have enjoyed meeting the people behind them.

Our community is growing every week and there will be lots more exciting news about future developments over the next few months, so do watch this space!

In You and Your Career this month, we share ideas about "Spring Cleaning your Career," now it is that time of year again! A great opportunity to refresh some of your career/work habits, with the help of our tips. We continue our series on "Planning" and we share some easy ways to weigh up your options. Kiran shares some practical studying tips with us - useful in a variety of different situations!

In You and Your Life, we visit the inspirational Forget- me-Not Chorus in Cardiff and speak to Kate, their equally inspirational leader. It was such a privilege to spend time with this amazing group. They comprise a mix of people who have dementia and their carers - singing is a great way to take them out of their day-to-day lives and it is not surprising that Kate won ITV's "Inspirational Woman of the Year" for her Chorus work.

Tor tells us all about The Cornish Food Box and the growing collaboration of local Cornish food suppliers to ensure high quality, tasty and accessible local food. Beth tells us her story of "Bouncing Back" after some significant life challenges - really inspirational.

In this month's Younique, Ceri tells us about her thoughts and work on "Sustainable Style" - along with some great ideas on how to access it! Michelle, from The Little Black Dress Boutique in the Cotswolds, shares thoughts and tips on some of the most wearable "LBD"s. Anna, from Flour Mills Bath, tells us about her natural and hand-made range of bath products - beautifully and lovingly designed.

This month's Woman of the Month is Sonia Sahar - who lives and works in Afghanistan. The work she does for The Brooke is phenomenal - and even more phenomenal is the optimistic and practical way she goes about supporting and educating local communities.

In You and Your Health this month, we continue our story on the benefits of herbal medicine with Catherine, whilst Laura shares some simple skin-care tips that anyone can use, however rushed their day! Sybille from Embody Wellness shares the benefits of yoga with us and shows some simple techniques to use at home.

We continue to visit Bristol and share some more of its "gems", we profile the latest Jools Holland album, share our Book of the Month and our views on what we most enjoy about spring. We also include tasty recipes for roast lamb and Easter biscuits - perfect for spring-time! In addition, our Contributor Panel talk about what their mums mean to them - in time for Mother's Day. Anna shares her story of Latvia in "Women Around the World" and Vicky tells us more about her life in London in "Vicky's Views."

Hopefully, that's enough to keep you going - enjoy your Easter and Happy Reading!


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