We are pleased to announce the launch of our April edition, full of high-quality articles on careers, health and wellbeing, style and lifestyles. It's great to see the word spreading and more people getting to see our magazine every month.

In You and Your Career, Claire from our Contributor Panel, writes about "Visualising for Success," to help you achieve your goals and feel a sense of positive momentum! Kathryn gives some advice on understanding some of the recent changes to employment law and we also provide some practical tips to resolve conflict.

In You and Your Life, we ask Bee Morgan about her life in Belgium, her 2013 "baking challenge" and what she has noticed about the differences between Belgian and UK culture. Bee's passion for baking is infectious and the photos will definitely get your mouth watering.

We also talk to Ian and Rebekah Pugh about their quest to give up any supermarket shopping for one year - and to keep within a budget of just £50 a week for all their food shopping. Their story is thought-provoking and shows just how achievable it is to obtain high quality food locally and to save money at the same time. Di Mager from Guide Dogs talks to us about the impact the dogs make to their owners' lives and shares some insights into how the dogs are trained and how they are matched with their owners.

In this month's Younique, Michelle, from The Little Black Dress Boutique in the Cotswolds, shares some more tips - this month she focuses on some useful "Tricks of the Trade" to help you feel and look your best. Faye de Lanty from Fashion Hound in Sydney talks to us about 1970s fashion and where she goes to track down new fashion pieces. Angel and Bonnie, our friends at Models of Diversity, share more thoughts on how to persuade the media and designers to draw on a more representative range of models in their fashion shows and shoots.

Our Health articles cover tips on maintaining a healthy weight (without faddy diets), vital and positive information on depression from the wonderful Jayne Hardy at The Blurt Foundation and an insight into Blue Labelle's founder - the inspirational Pascale Labelle. Pascale tells us all about the renowned natural skin-care range she founded and why she cares so much about what we put on our skin.

This month's Woman of the Month is Gail Clarke - who works as a dental hygienist and an artist,(not at the same time!) balancing her working life between the two. She is a truly great example of pursuing your dreams and living a positive life. Danushka, from Japan, talks about Japanese culture, her passion for sustainability, her striking designs and the impact of the 2011 earthquake.

Dawn shares her love of Elounda in Crete, we profile the classic "Brothers in Arms" album from Dire Straits, share Mandy's Book of the Month and our views on a variety of our favourite things. Eve tells us about the difference between the original computers back in the 1970s and now - makes you realise how far we have come! We also include tasty recipes for Thai Lamb and Cod with Lemon and Parsley - tasty and so quick to make! Vicky shares some things that might surprise you about her training as a veterinary nurse.

With many thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition and all those who are continuing to support us in our quest to provide a magazine that is genuinely different. Enjoy your month and Happy Reading!

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