What's new for our May edition?

In our Health section, Sybille Gebhardt talks to us about natural health and Anna Mason shares her passion for "real food." Both these articles focus on redressing balance. We also include an article to help you to think about why you should step back sometimes and "Give Yourself a Break" from the stresses of every-day life.

In Careers this month, we explore "Being Superwoman" - I'm sure we've all tried to be that person at some stage in our career! We also talk to Alanna Armstrong McCarroll about running her own business in holistic therapy and some of the joys and challenges she has experienced along the way. We also continue to share our positive tips in tackling any potential conflicts at work.

Our Younique section includes an interview with the inspirational Adriana Carlucci, the founder of ethical, luxury candle brand Ancienne Ambiance - Adriana share the illuminating story behind their brand. Lucie Cowell tells us about her life and passions as a fashion design student and Alana Sellers talks to us about her variety of work in personal styling and slow fashion.

Our Life section contains more stories from one of our favourite charities -the Brooke- and the huge role played by women in communities around the world. We also include an interview with Heidi Haden-following her successful completion of the London Marathon.  In addition, we interview Jen about her bold step to go a year without buying anything new for her "Make Do and Mend" year.

Our Women Around the World feature focuses on Angela Wallace from ethical website Sasstainable.Ca about her transatlantic lifestyle and what she loves about Toronto.               

Eve Lofty, one of our regular contributors, tells us all about getting out and about in your garden for our "What Your Mum Could Tell You" feature.

Claire Lewis is our deserving Woman of the Month - for her selfless and modest work in promoting the Less is More Challenge to make more people think about small things they can do to make a real difference to the environment. The work Claire did to raise awareness of the cause was phenomenal.

All this and our usual recipes, book, music, Vicky's Views and Favourite Things articles - plus this month's location for "Great Places to Visit" is the vibrant and diverse Barcelona. Makes me want to go there right now!

Many thanks to all our contributors this month - enjoy! (Don't forget that you can STILL obtain a year's subscription for just £12, by entering the code SPRING on our Subscribe Page.


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