What's new for our July edition?

How is your summer going? I hope you are managing to find some sunshine, wherever you are!

It's our July edition! Hope you enjoy the range of articles this month:

You and Your Career provides more information on "Trading Places" - following up our first article last month. We explore more about job shadowing and other ways to learn about someone else's job. A great way to develop your skills/knowledge and open up future career options! Experts Emma Lloyd and Philippa Constable share practical tips on how to stay energised at work and how to network effectively.

You and Your Health includes practical "stress-busters" to apply to every-day situations and more simply, healthy eating tips in our "It's All in Your Hormones!" article, by the wonderful food and nutrition expert, Anna Mason. Julie-Ann Blackmore shares her thoughts on "The Power of the Mind" and how to use it to keep your health in balance.

You and Your Life features the hugely talented Dee Hardwicke's beautiful ceramic and mosaic designs in "Designed for Living" - including some amazing pictures of Dee's work. Susan Fairless, a legal expert, share her tips on writing a Will and why it is so important to do so in, "Where There's A Will". We also interview Louise Horler about her inspirational work for the charity, Dress a Girl Around the World for our "5000 Dresses" feature - a really heart-warming article.

Younique features Michelle Sackett from the Little Black Dress boutique, who shares her tips on holiday essentials and summer accessories in "Here Comes the Sun." Kelly-Marie Burdekin, an experienced vintage clothing and props buyer with her own online shop, shares her approach to design, style and life in "A Harem of Peacocks." Lakecia Hammond, the founder of thrifting website "TheseOdds.Com" tells us about her passion for customising and retailing second-hand clothes.

Our July Woman of the Month is actually two women! Nicola Alexander and Suzanne Whelan are the directors of Daisy Green Media and Events - we celebrate the dynamic and positive work they have done to profile small (and not so small!) ethical businesses. A real example of combining dynamism, practical common sense, community spirit and a sense of fun.

Sophie Warner, from Just Trade, tells us all about "The Peruvian Project" in this month's Women Around the World feature - a celebratory account of talented artisans and jewellery makers from the shanty towns of Peru.  Rosie Moore shares her recent travels and stunning photographs in "Icelandic Adventure". In this month's What Your Mum Could Tell You feature, I write an account of my mum's "little black knife" and the humorous memories it evokes - it may prompt you to think about those objects that remind you of your own mum. I hope it will make you smile.

All our other usual features are here too - summer recipes, books, new music, "Favourite Things" and "Vicky's Views"- so sit back, relax and enjoy our new edition! Do let us know what you think of this edition by emailing us at

Have a great month!




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