News Issue 15

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Here is the breakdown of key articles in our vibrant August edition:

You and Your Career provides some positive and practical tips on how to get the most from your annual review in "That Time of Year Again!" In addition, we talk to some people at the Brooke whose work impacts on some of the world's poorest communities in "Making a Difference." Also, Jeanette Langley-Brown shares her love of working as a library assistant in our "Turning the Pages" article.

You and Your Health includes an in-depth look at the importance of adequate hydration - in Anna Mason's, "The W Factor". Michelle Pramuk, an experienced spa owner, shares her approach to well-balanced skincare in "Sublime Skin" and Jason Smith describes how personal goal setting literally can move mountains - in "Reaching the Summit."

You and Your Life includes wild gardening advice in "The Gardening Coach" by expert Marie McLeish - a wonderful account of how to really bring outside spaces to life! We talk to Angie Peskett about her range of creative talents in "All Things Bright and Camper Vans." In "My Kind of Cornwall", we chat to four women who have relocated to Cornwall - and we discover what they most love about this beautiful county.

Younique features Kelly Swallow's stunningly beautiful chair designs in "Take a Seat" - such individual and unique works of art! In "You Time (The Celebration of Bathing)", Lindsay Newell shares the story of luxury British bathing brand, Abahna, and ways to enjoy your own bathing "me-time". For everyone who has ever had a bad hair day, Sarah and John share their salon tips on how to avoid such days!

Our August Woman of the Month is the inspirational Carolyn Miles, President and CEO Of Save the Children (USA) - we love the way she actively champions the needs of children in poverty and danger around the world. Irina Tsimiklis, a fashion stylist, shares her love of Melbourne, Australia and a flavour of her work there in "Women Around the World" - I definitely want to explore Byron Bay after reading her story!

Jan McCarthy shares her love of Ireland and what prompted her and her husband to build a home there in "Great Places to Visit" - I love the sound of those night skies!

All our other usual features are here too - summer recipes, books, new music, "Favourite Things", "Vicky's Views" and "Things Your Mum Could Tell You" - so sit back, relax and enjoy our new edition! Do let us know what you think of this edition by emailing us at

Have a great month!


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