Plenty of diverse articles for you to enjoy this month!

You and Your Health includes the benefits of "real" foods in "Ditch the Process" by Anna Mason. Catherine Schofield, a medical herbalist, shares the power of oats in the "The Humble Oat - A Stress Beater". Meanwhile, Sybille Gebhardt brings us a visual account of how to develop your yoga postures in "Journey into the Head Balance."

You and Your Career provides more practical tips on how to get the most from your annual review in "That Time of Year Again!" (Part 2.) In addition, we talk to some more people at the Brooke whose work impacts on some of the world's poorest communities in "Making a Difference." (Part 2.) Claire Fuller, an expert in time management, shares her practical tips in "More Time Please".

We investigate "The Call of the Wild" in the month's You and Your Life - Rebecca Cork tells us what prompted her to give up her city life for a life in the countryside. Have you set up a power of attorney yet? Susan Fairless explains why you should in "Your Life, Your Wishes". In addition, artist Jean Haines shares her passion for painting and for inspiring others to paint in "Heaven on Earth".

In this month's Younique, Michelle Sackett provides a close look at what to wear "Between the Seasons". Meanwhile, in "Think Style", Victoria McQuillan shows us that style can be both ethical and fun as she tells us about her wonderful boutique. Preeti Chandak (from ethical accessory brand Shopanthropic) shares the fantastic story behind the materials they choose -everything from silk to bullet casings- in "Moral Fibres".

Our August Woman of the Month is the truly inspirational Emma - a dedicated head-teacher who has changed the lives of so many children. This month's Great Places to Visit focuses on "A Summer in Singapore" - the story of Carrie King's wonderful summer's journey. "When in France" tells the account of Maria Richardson's passion for Brittany - in this month's Women Around the World.

All our other usual features are here too - summer recipes, books, new music, "Favourite Things", "Vicky's Views" and "Things Your Mum Could Tell You" - so sit back, relax and enjoy our new edition! Do let us know what you think of this edition by emailing us at


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