We are really pleased to announce the launch of  Edition 2!

Each week we are going to pick a "Theme of the Week" so that we can highlight different parts of our magazine.

To coincide with the launch of our second edition on 3rd July, this week's theme is "You and Your Career."  How many of us have worked for truly inspirational leaders - or hope to become one? Read the article, "Leading a Team" which focuses on motivational tips, spotting talent and bringing fun into the workplace. We think you will enjoy reading the "eight essential ingredients" for leaders.

Other articles in "You and Your Career" this month include the second part of "Assertiveness in Action" - which this month focuses on that tricky subject of "saying no" and how to do so in a positive way. Many of us can find ourselves caught in a cycle of always saying "yes" and running out of time to do the things we really need to do - this article will help you focus on some key assertiveness tips and techniques - useful both inside and outside the workplace.

Also included in this month's "You and Your Career" is an upbeat article on "Positive Thinking" - much easier to do when we are on holiday than when are surrounded by essential things to do each week! This article gives you a chance to refocus on the things that make you smile - particularly useful when you are facing a challenging day ahead!

Happy reading!    


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