We are delighted to announce the launch of Edition 6, packed with a wide range of articles on career issues, health and wellbeing, style and lifestyle. We've listened to your ideas on what you would like to see included and this month's edition includes a wide range of interviews with inspirational women.

In You and Your Career this month, we talk to Angela Ibbotson -one of the UK's female fire-fighters- about her career. We also include articles on how to tackle Career Setbacks and Influencing People.

In You and Your Life, we talk to Charlotte Howarth about her stunning work in lettering and stone carving - truly beautiful images! We also share hints on Body Language and Cleaning Up your Life - a really cathartic experience!

November's Woman of the Month features Celia Fiennes - and her intrepid journey across the UK in the 1600s. A really remarkable story of a true adventurer! In Amia Women, we talk to Irene Hills who, in her 80s, shares her love of Tai Chi and its impact on her life.

We talk more about Tai Chi in You and Your Health, where we also share some ground-breaking information on "fasting" and talk to Emma Ruffle about her motivational role as a Personal Trainer.

In You-Nique, we feature the story of Peony and Moore, one of the UK's iconic designer handbag brands - you're sure to want one of their collection when you see the pictures! We also share thoughts on the colour "blue" and on what can be found in the recesses of a woman's handbag!

In this month's Women Around the World, Ruth Niemi shares her story on organising bespoke weddings in Crete and Lapland - and yet more beautiful pictures!

Whatever your own life or career passion is, we hope you will find all these stories as motivating as we do. They really do focus on the benefits of making the most of life! We really want to hear from you with your own stories or those of other women you think we should feature in our future editions.

Contact us at to let us know your ideas for what you feel we should be highlighting each month - and please encourage all your friends to subscribe to!

Happy reading!

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